About Us

Surroundings was established in 1993 by Kristiane Baskerville. Wanting to make antiques more approachable, she showcased them in a whole new way, combining the best of the old with the new.

"I have a passion for all things old. For the store I search high and low for pieces with good bones, style, and function. To me the best antiques transcend time and adapt to the 21st century home with ease.

Antiques and vintage finds make a house a home. John Saladino, Michael S. Smith, and Darryl Carter, some of the most influential interior designers in the world, use antiques in their commissions.

I don't expect to fill your house with my furniture. My aim is that the furnishings from Surroundings become your favourite pieces in your home."

Kristiane is currently creating her own line of furniture.

Kristian Baskerville, Owner of Surroundings At Home, Victoria BC