Death, Divorce, and Downsizing.

Where do you find your stuff?


With a blog title like that, Ida, the shop dog looks worried!

I'm asked all the time "where do you find your stuff?" The cold  hard reality is, death, divorce, and downsizing, these are the reasons people let go of their treasured belongings. I often enter peoples homes at their most vulnerable moments, and I always try to be compassionate and as understanding as possible, it is not always easy. I have witnessed some truly crazy moments over the last 20 odd years, I often think I should write a book. I think I will just stick to the blog.

Mind Your Manners, Yes Mom

I took this photo recently at Wild Fire Bakery. What they really wanted this sign to say was,'Hey you, rude idiot, get off your cell phone!'

I have to say, I've been there, Surroundings is a small store, and just last week a woman came in talking on her cell phone to her divorce lawyer. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in the store heard that phone conversation. Honestly, I do not want to hear about such personal matters, neither did my clients. WHY, would someone please tell me WHY people HAVE to talk so loud on their cell phone??

Follow us on Facebook.......Finally!

We did it! Surroundings has a Facebook page. I know, it's about time. 
When you are looking  on the website you will see a green "f" in the top right hand corner. Tap it and it will take you to our Facebook page.
Finding stock, restoring, selling, and delivery takes up most of my time. Stocking the store with beautiful pieces of furniture and home decor is top priority.

Through The Doorway

Sometimes in life the most beautiful perspective of a room is looking through the doorway. After I move furniture around here at Surroundings, I often go to the doorway to see how it looks from  a clients first glance. We approach rooms through doorways, so why is it we take for granted the value of one of the most important elements in our homes ...... the door.


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