The front entrance of a condo, the custom made entry stand with tin inserts
This week I was in four homes in a row that were full of individuality, personality and lots of love. It starts with the photo above. The new home owner took out what was a very contemporary closet, she wanted the space more open and consistent with the age of the building. Sorry the photo is so dark!
The house maid

Have a Seat ......... at the Table

 Pedestal Table Circa 1890.
Of all the pieces of furniture I sell, I love selling tables the most. It is here around the dining/kitchen table that life happens, birthdays are celebrated, homework is done, and where loved ones gather daily.
This is beyond an important purchase, and it is the one antique I think EVERYONE should own, and I mean EVERYONE. A table with age has presence and energy that can not compare to the modern world. By all means put very modern chairs with it, you bet, it will look great. 


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