My Favorite Spot

In the morning I can be found sitting in one of these turn of the century leather club chairs. They face looking out over the pastures, valley, and mountains. In the evening I sit here once again to watch the evening sun set behind Mt. Prevost. This is truly my favorite spot in my country cottage, and it is here where every house guest gravitates.

Christmas Countdown

The store decked out for the upcoming holiday season.

This wish tree in the front window.

Tapered Candles in "the rack", a fabulous display. Tapers are by Ester and Erik of Denmark. They are smokeless, dripless, and long burning.


My Father and Uncle Jack walking along Wyte Ave. in Edmonton this past summer

My Grandfather, Wallace Baskerville was with the RCAF in WW I, during WW II he worked for Immigration Canada bringing home the war brides. He never told any war stories, it would be years latter, that my father would tell me about Grandpa. Both my parents talk about what it was like to be a child during WW II. 

Having a Ball

John Vickers, Chairman of the Masquerade Ball is flanked by two exceptional costumes

Laura Dreger of Edmonton with the best dressed man in the room

The best dressed couple

Diversity in masks


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