Man Up! Decorating and the Single Guy..... Ladies you better read this too!

The ultimate guy office chair
Over the years we have built a strong client base, but today I want to focus on the men. With young people getting married much latter in life and divorce rates hitting 40%, single men have become a significant part of our clientele. Linda and I were having coffee last week, and we both commented  "love selling to the male clients, they are decisive." 

The Stewardship of Furniture

The qoute above by Anna Lappe, a sustainable food advocate, has been on my fridge for years. I took this photo at the Design Museum in Copenhagen..... the exhibit was about consumerism.

" Every time you spend money, you're  casting a vote for the kind of world you want " 

Home Sweet Home



My first sunset at the cottage


When people find out where I live, the first words out of their mouth is " you drive the Malahat everyday". I find the statement amusing, first off I dont work 7 days a week! Thank god those days are over. Secondly, yes, I commute, I love the drive. In fact, the Malahat is my favourite part, from Langford in...... sucks. Thirdly, there are many beautiful places on the island, most of that beauty is north of the Malahat. 

When to Re-upholster



By far the most asked question I get in the store, "how do you know a piece is worth re-upholstering?"

As most of you know, we have sold upholstered goods for years. We sell them in both "As Is" condition, and "Custom Upholstered" , the difference in price ....... lots!


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