The Other Louvre

This is the Louvre-lens
I just back from Europe and the question everyone asks, "what was your favorite part of the trip?" Well, we put 3000 kms on the car rental, so we covered a lot of ground. The two stand-outs are the new Louvre in Lens and the City of Berlin ( I loved Berlin).

The Equestrian Bergere Chairs

Everyone loves Bergere Chairs, they are classic, comfortable, and look great in both modern and traditional settings.

I just got these back from the upholsterer on Sunday. Done in Belgian linen, with upholstered tacks showing, and leather armrests, we are calling them the Equestrian Bergere.

I wanted a more masculine and relaxed look for this classic chair. The linen was pre-washed, therefore, allowing the seat cushion cover to be washed in the future, no dry cleaning required.

Saying Good Bye .... A Tribute

My father, Dr. Gordon Baskerville passed away on February 2. Above is my favorite photo of him, looking out to sea at Long Beach.


Twenty odd years ago I called my Dad, who was living in New Brunswick, "Dad, would you guarantee a loan for me?" His reply, " Sure honey."


Welcome to 2013

Every year Surroundings closes its doors between Christmas and New Years. This gives me the opportunity to come in over the holidays, repaint, re-merchandise, and sometimes move the cash desk again! I think this could be the 8th time I moved the cash desk.

For my regular clientele you will notice the store has been painted in Benjamin Moore's Mountain Peak White. The furniture really pops. The antique gray floors also sing with the new white background.

Vroom Vroom

It is a 1950's soap box racer. Fun. I found the racer a few months ago in several pieces. It now sits proudly up for sale in the store $885.00. Yes, it has steering, and No, there are no brakes. I love the wheels, they most likely came from an old pram. A lot of love went into making this racer back in its day.


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