Venneer ... Show some respect.

I often refer to my beautiful drop-front casement piece as command central. This is where I sit and work when I'm not in the store. I love this piece. I looked for over 3 years before I found it. Take a close look. Yes, it is Veneer on solid wood.

Take an even closer look and you will see satinwood inlay. This was an expensive piece of furniture in its day and I paid top dollar for it 10 years ago.

No Grey Please ... We Live on the West Coast!!

I've come back from walking the dog on a crisp fall morning. Color is in abundance, red, yellow, and my favorite orange. I'm thinking back to a precious summer afternoon spent with clients at their summer cottage on Thetis Island. Color, glorious color. The above photo looks down the hall towards the bedrooms, perriwinkle and canary yellow collide, the pink peony's on the table adding a sense of wimsy. This is a scene of a summer day, and it makes me wonder why we don't live like this all year round.


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