The Art of Living with Art

This painting by Ken Faulks is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I see before I go to sleep at night..... pure happiness.


A couple of weeks ago my Mac Book starting to act up, when I took it in for a look over, the tech stared at me like I was crazy...... " that's an old Mac Book." I personally do not think 7 years is old, especially considering Im an antique dealer, 150 years that's old. I paid around $1500 for this piece of equipment which I'm told is obselete, and should be put out of it's misery. The new Mac Air does look tempting, so here I am about to spend another $1200 or more on a piece of equipment that will have to be chucked in 7 years or less. Now what does this have to do about art? Simple. The painting above I purchased for $1600 20 years ago, guess what it is not obselete! Ha! In fact I would say it has gone up in value. So why do so many people worry about purchasing art? Common comment I get in the store,  "Will it hold it's value?"   We think nothing of replacing our tech at the tune of thousands of dollars, and yet we think buying art is somehow a rip off. Really, I think I know what the rip off is, In the last 20 years I have easily spent $5000 on techi stuff that simply does not last.

I look at the way I spend money a bit differently then most, I am afterall half Danish. Is it beautiful and will it enrich my life. I was 15 years old when my parents took me to see The McMichael Gallery in Kleinurg, Ontario, home to a vast collection of the group of seven. It changed my life. I fell in love with art. I started to collect at the age of 29. Like most people I bought what I could afford. Actually I bought the painting above, which I so could not afford!! But Ken Faulks knew I loved that painting and so he let me pay for it in installments. 


A wall at Rennick Cottage shows artwork hung salon style. To balance the collection,  a powerful painting by Coco Jones hangs solitarily on the next wall.


There is no method to what I buy. I buy what I love. I dont worry how it is going to look, it always, always looks fabulous. When I see a piece of art that makes me stop dead it my tracks, that's it.



A small Dutch Master hangs closely on the wall to contemporary Artist Michelle Miller's acrylic on board. I have known Michelle Miller for many years, my fist purchase from her was a papier mache sculpture, which everyone loves. I love this painting for so many reasons, but mainly it's because Miller seldomly paints figurative. She is more widely known for big bold abstracts.



The center of the Salon wall is a painting by Donna Gordon, I saw it on her easel before it was finished. It was love at first sight. The thing is, Donna said it wasn't finished and in my eyes it was finished. After a couple of days of discussion I traded a piece of furniture for the painting, unfinished according to Donna. It was unititled, I refer to it as the old house staircase. The texture in unbelieveable. It is the one painting you want to touch, it is like you can feel the plaster walls.



A tiny (6" by 8") piece of encuastic work by Caite Dheere hangs amongst the art wall. Such small pieces can get lost, but somehow this stands out, mainly because it is encasutic. Encuastic is a centuries old artform of heated wax to which colored pigment is added and applied to wood. It is a very technical and rare art form. I consider this piece precious as it was a Christmas gift from Linda (who has worked for me for years), and also Caite is Surroundings Alumni. I have watched Caite's career over the years, she just keeps getting better and better, and her Shows are a major success. You have to show up Opening Night if you want to buy the best pieces.



The latest edition to the wall,  "Tete de Femme" was purchased at Lunds Auctioneers. Lunds produces some amazing art auctions and truly represents your best value for buying art. There is something fabulous in every price range. My lovely lady was in my opinion a steal at $150. The frame is worth more than that. The secret is to buy only what you love and can afford. Check Lunds schedule as they do only 4  Art Auctions a year.


The last photo..... my favorite chairs, they are a work of art, and they become part of the art installation. Oddly enough, they look away from the wall, they are placed in front of the window. I sit here in the morning with my cup of coffee and stare at the most beautiful scenery. I love walking into the room with cup of coffee in my hand, I look over each piece on the wall, a kind of good morning ritual. 

I live with the art. It feeds my soul. It makes me happy. I really not could imagine my life without it. Apparently I can't live without a new Mac Air either.

Love Where You Live.