The Best of TEFAF (according to moi)

It all begins with the arrival to Amsterdam. I needed a few days to get over jet lag before heading off to Maastricht for the European Fine Art and Antique Fair (TEFAF).

Maastricht was booked solid for the show, so we stayed in the quaint  town of Eijsden, about 10 minutes south. Eijsden proved to be a wonderful surprise,  great restaurants ( we ate my favorite meal for the whole trip at Vanille), beautiful buildings, market, and the weather was plus 20!

This is a typical street scene in Maastricht during TEFAF. I guess you could say the show injects some money into the local economy. The streets were literally packed.

Upon arriving at TEFAF, the entrance was spectacular with light displays and the wall of roses. Yes, that is a 10 foot wide wall of live roses.

The buzz was already about "the horse". As we walked through the booths opening day of the show everyone was asking have you seen "the horse". That horse is the work of artist Nic Fiddian Greene. His magnificent metal sculpture was in the booth of Sladmore Gallery of London. The sculpture took up the entire space, it was crowed and intimate, you had to walk very close to the horse, a deliberate install decision by Sladmore. Price $475,000.00 pounds

My personal favorite of the show is an articulated artist model of a horse and rider 19th century. This was proudly offered for sale by Perrin Antiquaires of Paris. Price $75,000.00 Euros 

So disappointed that the photo does not do any justice to this incredible raw crystal chandelier. Sorry I can't remember the dealer ( I believe they were from Paris), price was around $500,000.00 Euros. Trust me, if you saw it in person, it was worth every penny.
My personal favorite Dealer at the fair was Axel Vervoordt. His booth was so crowded I could not get a decent photo. However, as always Vervoordt left a lasting impression. For his booth he installed a library complete with plank floors, 15 foot hardwood bookcases, a fireplace and sofa. He created an atmosphere that no other dealer came close to. He truly demonstrated how you live with beautiful things.
For those of you not familiar with Vervoordt I highly recommend his books, and of course you can goggle him to your hearts content.