Christmas 2011

Every Year Marina Woywitka takes photos of the store in its Christmas glory. Here are some of this years pics.

I can't believe a year has gone by and I have not blogged once. It seems the word busy comes to mind. I really distaste that word, busy. To me it is used as the ultimate excuse for everything. After all we live in a society where we are all so busy. I recently purchased this painting at an Art Auction, it made me remember the days when I was not so, you know, busy. 

Growing up in New Brunswick we owned at C&C Sailboat. The last sail of the year was Thanksgiving weekend. Dad and I would take "Rigwash" for her final sail up the Saint John River, the color ablaze in the country side, it was truly beautiful. We would be bundled up having a glass of port to stay warm, sailing in silence most of the day, the only exception is when one of us would comment on how beautiful it was. My dad's favorite line was " I wonder what the poor people are doing today". He was by no means being demeaning. Wealth to my father was the ability to enjoy and embrace mother nature.

The painting is for sale in the store. I don't need to keep all the wonderful things I purchase. I hope the future owner of the painting will love it as much as I do, and may the painting be a constant reminder to never be too busy to go sailing, even if it's only in ones mind.