Christmas Countdown

The store decked out for the upcoming holiday season.

This wish tree in the front window.

Tapered Candles in "the rack", a fabulous display. Tapers are by Ester and Erik of Denmark. They are smokeless, dripless, and long burning.

Cone shaped pillars by Ester and Erik of Denmark. These are truly the most beautiful burning candle.

Word magnets by Vancouver Island metal artist. These magnets are super strong and beautiful.

Topical leaves and fresh orchids makes a wonderful gift, they will last up to three weeks in your home. 

I love Christmas. I don't want to hear any bah humbugs! This is the season for family and friends, food and laughter, joy and yes, sorrow. Christmas brings out our goodness, our sense of hope, and our dreams. This year the front window of Surroundings is a simple group of branches in a pot, hanging from the branches are hundreds of little white cards, each card has a personal Christmas wish. This display started on Thursday November 19th, and will continue to accumulate till Christmas Eve. Please come into the store and put your own special wish on the tree.

Our wish tree will be blessed by a monk on Christmas Eve.