Death, Divorce, and Downsizing.

Where do you find your stuff?


With a blog title like that, Ida, the shop dog looks worried!

I'm asked all the time "where do you find your stuff?" The cold  hard reality is, death, divorce, and downsizing, these are the reasons people let go of their treasured belongings. I often enter peoples homes at their most vulnerable moments, and I always try to be compassionate and as understanding as possible, it is not always easy. I have witnessed some truly crazy moments over the last 20 odd years, I often think I should write a book. I think I will just stick to the blog.

Let's talk about death. Do not freak out, this is the cycle of life, and we all are going there sooner or latter. Please get your will done. PLEASE, get your will done. I might say it one more time if your not listening, a will is not for you, it is for your loved ones you leave behind. Please make their lives easier in their time of grief, get your will done.

Pick an Executor for your will who is competent, and NOT super close to you (ie. spouse). I am dealing with Executors of wills all the time, it is a big job and a very important one. Try to pick someone who will not be in a grief stricken state over your death, the job of Executor will  be easier for them then a spouse, sibling, or parent. 

Last year I arrived at a Condo where the elderly mom has passed away just 6 months after the dad. The "kids", now in their 60's had a slide projector going and the screen up.  Laughter was echoing through out as they watched their parents through the years. It was my all time favorite house call. The estate was in good hands, the "kids" very organized , and getting along very well. I left smiling ear to ear.

Divorce, I don't like divorce calls, I mean really, going into a house where two people can't stand each other is never a good idea. The hardest ones are when I have known the couple for a long time, just breaks your heart...... there I am buying back the furniture I sold them over the years.

Downsizing represents about 70% of my house calls. These are the most complex, I often find myself in the role of consultant, " you send this to Faith Grant, that goes to goodwill, send that to Auction, and talk to Mr. Clark about that." In short, I really try to help them find homes for all their stuff. Sometimes I walk away without buying a single item, but I have at least given them some valuable information on how to dispose of everything. 

Downsizing for most people is a cathartic experience, especially for seniors. Im always amazed how seniors embrace downsizing, and I think it's because they are looking forward to a simpler life. I think all of us could do with a bit of downsizing, getting rid of excess is a good thing.

Purchasing stock is the most important part of my job. When people come into the store, the currated collection they see is the result of the many homes I have gone through. I select carefully each piece that enters the store, it's a lot of leg work, and I meet some truly amazing people along the way, it is an adventure, it is death, divorce, and downsizing.