Down Under ...... The Basement Suite

The rear entrance to a basement suite, shows great detailing on the elm stairs

We all have been there, apartment hunting in Victoria, and the ad reads above ground suite. You arrive to a dark dungy basement suite, where the only effort to make it liveable has been a fresh coat of paint.

Here are some photos of two basements suites I have been in this year, which show great thought, and care went into these spaces. In both cases the owners mandate was to create a space they would live in. Lone and behold one of the owners did just that, she moved downstairs!

 Old beams are left exposed, and open shelving in the kitchen shows off the owners housewares.
No upper cabinets keeps the space open and bright. Polished concrete floors make the space more loft like.
Another basement suite with polished concrete floors and open concept, again exposed beams add interest and character.
Both these suites have some common features that really make them a stand out.
  1.  Both are walk-outs,  featuring french doors which adds a ton of light.
  2.  Polished concrete floors are sophisticated and long wearing ( great for a rental),
  3.  No uppers in the kitchen which gives the ceiling the illusion of more height.
  4. Walls are framed out over the concrete walls making them appear higher.
  5. Open concept, fewer walls means more light.
  6. Finishing details, trim, doors, beams, are all top quality.
It costs a great deal of money to convert basements into a suite, the above owners spent upwards of $60,000.00 on these renovations. One made the comment, " it costs  a lot of money, regardless of the design, just to get it to the finishing stages, it was around $30,000.00. It really pays off spending extra on the details, what you get is spectacular vs. blah. In the end it is still your home, even if it is downstairs."