The Equestrian Bergere Chairs

Everyone loves Bergere Chairs, they are classic, comfortable, and look great in both modern and traditional settings.

I just got these back from the upholsterer on Sunday. Done in Belgian linen, with upholstered tacks showing, and leather armrests, we are calling them the Equestrian Bergere.

I wanted a more masculine and relaxed look for this classic chair. The linen was pre-washed, therefore, allowing the seat cushion cover to be washed in the future, no dry cleaning required.

The arm rests can can take a lot of wear and tear. The leather will stand up to years of use and age beautifully. The wood work has been refinished and left in the raw. A light coat of wax is on the solid maple frames.

It does not matter where you place this chair in the room, it is elegant from all angles.

If you don't like the look of the feather seat cushion, the chair looks fabulous without. Your choice. I have sat in the chair with and without the feather cushion...... hmmm it's a toss up.
The Chairs are for sale for $1095.00 each. They are truly artisan pieces, needless to say, can never be duplicated.
Im off to Europe tomorrow, buying more linen, visiting family, and eating lots of cheese.