Everything including the Kitchen Sink

 I love my kitchen sink. Now how many of you can say that?  The sink is often taken for granted, after all here is where all the hard labour of the kitchen happens. While I realize that the trend is to drop a bomb on appliances, put in granite or quartz countertops, and then call it day, I, however, refused to join the crowd.


My little house (emphasis on the word little) was a farmhand cottage built poorly in the 1960's. When I purchased it 8 years ago, I fell in love with the location, and knew I would have to rebuild the entire cottage. I wanted to pay homage to its roots, it had to still look like a farmhand cottage when I was finished. Easier said then done.  It was the kitchen sink that perplexed me. I wanted it it be functional, modern, and yet look like it had been there for years.


I found a lovely oak table at counter height, it was from Doncaster school, the dewy decimal system (the original google search engine) used to sit on it. I had a western maple counter top made for it, and as you can see from the photo it extends past the cabinet so I have storage for Ida's dog food. 

Next it was off to Ikea. Yes, I said Ikea, because they do great kitchen items. The sink and commercial looking faucet are from Ikea, the fabric (which hides recycling and compost bucket) is from France.


The window over the sink looks over my garden and to the large farm next door. I could easily do dishes happily for hours at this sink. Life happens in the kitchen, here is where my family comes together for Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays and anniversaries. It is here at my beloved kitchen sink where we  talk and get caught up with each others busy lives, re-connecting, doing something as mundane and joyful as dishes at the kitchen sink.