Follow us on Facebook.......Finally!

We did it! Surroundings has a Facebook page. I know, it's about time. 
When you are looking  on the website you will see a green "f" in the top right hand corner. Tap it and it will take you to our Facebook page.
Finding stock, restoring, selling, and delivery takes up most of my time. Stocking the store with beautiful pieces of furniture and home decor is top priority.
Nowadays having a website, blogging , Facebook, tweeting and everything else is also a big part of maintaining a business. While the website has been up for several years now, it is time for a change. Comments have come in that my out of town clients would like to see more stock on the site. Plans are currently in the works to offer a more comprehensive view of what is in store.
I will be posting on Facebook new finds as they come in, and in general what we are up to at Surroundings.
Working on a couple of blogs for the upcoming weeks, watch for some very cool people and places to know about.