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Brick and Mortar is Here to Stay

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Growing up in rural New Brunswick, going into "town"  would mean the opportunity to go into Levines, Calps, or McCalls, all locally owned department stores. My Favorite was Calps, it specialized in high end clothing, perfume, and accessories. The visual display in that store is probably what got me hooked on wanting to be a shopkeeper. I was mesmerized by how beautiful everything looked, and I would stare at those displays and study them..... they made everything look and feel so special.... because it was.

When to Re-upholster



By far the most asked question I get in the store, "how do you know a piece is worth re-upholstering?"

As most of you know, we have sold upholstered goods for years. We sell them in both "As Is" condition, and "Custom Upholstered" , the difference in price ....... lots!

Let's Entertain ...... Not Martha Stewart Style.

Cheese platters are easy to create and yummy to eat.

A cheese plate at Surroundings Christmas Open House

I recently looked through a magazine and there was Martha Stewart's beautiful stable set up for Thanksgiving. It looked stunning, however, let's be honest few of us own a 10 million dollar stable, a custom made table that sits 24 (thousands of dollars), sets of Tolix chairs  ($250 each). Of course, there is the issue, do you really want to eat in the barn/stable? But it makes for one great photo shoot!

IDS West..... Here we come

warehouse doors

Here is a sneek peek at what we are bringing to The Interior Design Show in Vancouver. The lovely set of South African doors which will  be installed warehouse style in the booth.


The Acountants desk, is probably in the top 5 of desk that I have ever found. Complete with a hidden compartment.


Through The Doorway

Sometimes in life the most beautiful perspective of a room is looking through the doorway. After I move furniture around here at Surroundings, I often go to the doorway to see how it looks from  a clients first glance. We approach rooms through doorways, so why is it we take for granted the value of one of the most important elements in our homes ...... the door.


The front entrance of a condo, the custom made entry stand with tin inserts
This week I was in four homes in a row that were full of individuality, personality and lots of love. It starts with the photo above. The new home owner took out what was a very contemporary closet, she wanted the space more open and consistent with the age of the building. Sorry the photo is so dark!
The house maid