Decorating / Design

Have a Seat ......... at the Table

 Pedestal Table Circa 1890.
Of all the pieces of furniture I sell, I love selling tables the most. It is here around the dining/kitchen table that life happens, birthdays are celebrated, homework is done, and where loved ones gather daily.
This is beyond an important purchase, and it is the one antique I think EVERYONE should own, and I mean EVERYONE. A table with age has presence and energy that can not compare to the modern world. By all means put very modern chairs with it, you bet, it will look great. 

Think Big

This beautiful quarter sawn oak cabinet is big, right? Or is it? measurements are 20" deep and 48" wide, therefore  it takes up about 6.6 square feet. The average coffee table takes up 8 square feet. 
I often refer to large cabinets as casement pieces, and sadly, far too often I here people say "you need a big house for that." You don't. 

My New - Old Stove, June Cleaver Would Be Proud

My new/old 1951 Syncrochime Moffat stove in my kitchen
When I was renovating 8 years ago I spent literally hours agonizing over appliances. Stainless steel was and still is all the rage, but it looked so out of place in a farmhand cottage. In the end I choose white. However, I wanted the stove to be a standout piece, easier said then done. Im not on a natural gas line, and placing a propane tank in the yard left me wanting. My dream would be to have an Aga, sadly I settled for Kenmore.

Hats Off And On Display

The entrance at Rennick Cottage
Last week, a young man asked me what I thought of hanging his collection of hats on the wall in the entrance of his condo. Fabulous idea! After all, I have done just that at my home. A collection of sun hats are on permanent display next to my old column ( there is an identical column on display in Surroundings).

The Equestrian Bergere Chairs

Everyone loves Bergere Chairs, they are classic, comfortable, and look great in both modern and traditional settings.

I just got these back from the upholsterer on Sunday. Done in Belgian linen, with upholstered tacks showing, and leather armrests, we are calling them the Equestrian Bergere.

I wanted a more masculine and relaxed look for this classic chair. The linen was pre-washed, therefore, allowing the seat cushion cover to be washed in the future, no dry cleaning required.

Welcome to 2013

Every year Surroundings closes its doors between Christmas and New Years. This gives me the opportunity to come in over the holidays, repaint, re-merchandise, and sometimes move the cash desk again! I think this could be the 8th time I moved the cash desk.

For my regular clientele you will notice the store has been painted in Benjamin Moore's Mountain Peak White. The furniture really pops. The antique gray floors also sing with the new white background.

Vroom Vroom

It is a 1950's soap box racer. Fun. I found the racer a few months ago in several pieces. It now sits proudly up for sale in the store $885.00. Yes, it has steering, and No, there are no brakes. I love the wheels, they most likely came from an old pram. A lot of love went into making this racer back in its day.