Happy New Year, From the Road Where I Live

It was a crisp sunny day during Christmas, Im walking home from a long dog walk, I look down the road, this is where I live. I love where I live.


Love Where You Live


It is my tag line, it is on the store window, business cards, website, but more importantly it is my way of living.  When we love where we live, we take care. We take of our homes, our neighbours, and the community at large. There is a massive positive social impact to those communities where people love where they live. As we head into the new year  I hope you take some time to reflect on those simple words "love where you live". Think about your home and community and what it means to live there. 


When I first moved to the Cowichan Valley 9 years ago, a neighbour swung by and asked if I was fixing up the cottage to flip. His tone of voice was very clear, if I was going to flip it, he was going to turn around and leave my yard. I understood his questioning, there was no point in getting to know me if I was going to leave. 


During that first year my neighbours watched in awe as I transformed a neglected cottage into a loving home. One by one they came onto the property mesmerized by what I was doing. The hard work was done out of love for this property.  As the years go by, neighbours drop off rocks for my many rock walls I have been building, and manure for my garden, and in return I bring home anything they need from Victoria. 


Ida is curled up on her dog bed sound asleep, the fire is roaring in the wood stove, the fog is so thick I can not see the beautiful countryside, it does not matter. I love where I live.


Happy New Year.