Happy New Year! From the road where I live.

Im just back from walking the dog on what is the most beautiful New Years Day. What a brilliant start to the New Year.

Like most people I take time to reflect at this time of year. Today I feel gratitude.

I take a yoga class every week  with Karen Cooper, her calming voice reminds us all at the end of class to be grateful, to take time each day to be mindful of all that we have. I sit on my yoga mat and so many things go through my head. I have lots to be grateful for. People. Im grateful for all the people I share my life with, from family to friends, clients, suppliers, business colleagues, my life is filled with truly exceptional people.

So as we bring in the New Year, I want to say thank-you, to Margo for all her listening, to Patricia who loves my business, to Linda who has graciously worked with me in the store for years, to my amazing sales reps, Luly, Terry, Cathy, and Melinda..... you took me under your wings when I was just 27 years old and have been taking care of me ever since ( 22 years!), to my clients who are always excited and appreciative of all work that goes into making Surroundings special... I do it all for you!

Cheers to 2015, it is going to be a brilliant year.

with gratitude,