Hats Off And On Display

The entrance at Rennick Cottage
Last week, a young man asked me what I thought of hanging his collection of hats on the wall in the entrance of his condo. Fabulous idea! After all, I have done just that at my home. A collection of sun hats are on permanent display next to my old column ( there is an identical column on display in Surroundings).
These hats are used daily in the summer time and it's nice to have spares on hand for visiting guests as it get very hot here in the Cowichan Valley. In the winter, I love looking at them as I come through the door, they remind me of hot summer days toiling in the garden.
Warehouse door meets country cottage
The door heads into the laundry room, and like most of us, space was an issue! The entrance is 6' wide and a door swinging into the space was awkward. I had similar doors made for the closets in the bedrooms. The track is actually a pocket door track which I mounted on a 2" by 4". The door is custom made and done in an antique oil finish.
A basic utility handle
This handle costs about $2.50. Simple, utilitarian, and classic. I repeated the handle through-out the cottage.  I have 6 identical handles on the center island in the kitchen and 3 more on the bathroom cabinets. Repetition can be very effective in decorating especially when it is in the tiny details.
So, lets get those hats out of the closet and up on display.