Have a Seat ......... at the Table

 Pedestal Table Circa 1890.
Of all the pieces of furniture I sell, I love selling tables the most. It is here around the dining/kitchen table that life happens, birthdays are celebrated, homework is done, and where loved ones gather daily.
This is beyond an important purchase, and it is the one antique I think EVERYONE should own, and I mean EVERYONE. A table with age has presence and energy that can not compare to the modern world. By all means put very modern chairs with it, you bet, it will look great. 
I love the contrast of the antique table and modern chairs, to me it is a classic look. If your living in a modern condo, that antique table is going to sing!
Early Canadiana Farm Table
The more rustic the piece, the more modern the environment around it should be. This table above would look great in the entry way of sleek condo, or use as a sofa table, put a flat screen on it, the options are endless.
Pembroke Table, Mahogany, Circa 1850
The classic of all drop-leaf tables, the Pembroke ( named after the Earl of Pembroke), is perfect for small space living. It is compact when both leaves are down, and has a drawer on each end for that oh so valuable storage element.
Canadiana Drop-Leaf Table
This makes the best kitchen table, it becomes very large with both leaves up, and can sit 6 quite comfy. A more humble table than the Pembroke. This is also great for those super tall men in your life, leg room under the leaves means not dealing with the skirt ( the side structure) of the table.
Prairie Farm Table
Made by the farm owner, this is not fine craftsmanship, it is far more important, it represents the founding and building of our nation. This was not meant to be pretty, but functional. Here we are 130 years after it was built and it still functions and has become more beautiful with age. This one would look wicked with modern chairs.
The Classic Dining Table
For those who want to sit in the dining room and entertain for hours, there is no greater pleasure than sitting around a beautiful dining table.
There was a lot of discussion this weekend at Surroundings over dining/kitchen table height. Here are the basics. European tables are often 29" high, North American 30" high, chairs are 18" seat height.
I personally prefer tables at 29" high, and it has nothing to do with the fact Im not that tall!!  In the Netherlands where everyone is tall, dining tables are often 29" high, it just feels better, regardless of how tall you are. Find a beautiful table that  feels right for you.