The front entrance of a condo, the custom made entry stand with tin inserts
This week I was in four homes in a row that were full of individuality, personality and lots of love. It starts with the photo above. The new home owner took out what was a very contemporary closet, she wanted the space more open and consistent with the age of the building. Sorry the photo is so dark!
The house maid
Next to the front door stands an objet d art, this home is filled with original modern art and vintage objets, a wonderful blend of new and old.
The bathroom sink
Even the bathroom has art, and I love this tiny art installation next to the sink.
The front closet. No bi-folds here!
Next Im off to fishermen's Wharf to deliver to a float home. This closet door just inside the front door   is so beautiful. This float home is small and open concept, everything is visible. The owner cringed at the thought of bi-folds, her solution, make the door to the front closet look like a piece of furniture. She had a local craftsman build the doors and frame to look like a late 1800's wardrobe. Brilliant!
A collection of side mirrors
This art installation is in the home of Mary Patterson and Sean Shepherd, the owners of Polychrome Fine Arts Gallery. I have been in and out of their home over the years, purchasing various things from their collection. I so love going to their house!!! Personality reigns supreme here. This was Mary's idea, a collection of car side mirrors mounted on the wall in a narrow spot.
This demonstrates so beautifully that art can take many forms, and the everyday can look outstanding when displayed outside the box.
The fourth home I was in, sadly I did not take a photo. I got distracted by the dog, a pug named Zoe, too cute. 
I go into a lot homes buying and delivering furniture, the stand outs for me are always those filled with individuality, homes that reflect the owners, and not what you would necessarily expect. I always encourage my clients to buy pieces they love, are passionate about, and not getting so hooked up on "is it going to match", we don't match at Surroundings! 
Be passionate about your home environment, and guess what?  You will have a beautiful home. Don't worry what others think, you live there, it is your home. Make it yours.