Man Up! Decorating and the Single Guy..... Ladies you better read this too!

The ultimate guy office chair
Over the years we have built a strong client base, but today I want to focus on the men. With young people getting married much latter in life and divorce rates hitting 40%, single men have become a significant part of our clientele. Linda and I were having coffee last week, and we both commented  "love selling to the male clients, they are decisive." 
While our male clients are decisive, they often feel a bit  "where do I start?" When setting up house. If your starting out on your own for the first time or recently divorced, here is the Surroundings cheat list.
Setting up house for the Single Man
1. Do an Inventory. 
Did your mom give you the sofa from the rec room and you have kept it because..... worse yet you own a futon. Take a close look at your belongings, are they hand me downs from family or left overs from a marriage. Ask yourself  " do I really want to keep this."
2. Disposal
Identifying what you don't want is one thing, follow up with the action. Get rid of it! 
3. Sleep
You need a bed to sleep in, and do other things. Please buy a proper mattress. It's totally ok if you want to put it on the floor, that can look very cool. Buy sheets with at least 200 thread count, and bedding. Restoration Hardware does a pre-washed Belgian linen bedding line that is very manly.
4. Eat
You need a place to eat, you can not eat out forever, and let's face it sooner or latter you are going to invite someone for dinner. The men who come into Surroundings always go for a beat up Canadiana small harvest table, I have to say, it's a winner. Put it with modern chairs for a more current look. 
5. Be an Adult
Im stealing this line from a male blogger from girls on the grid. Just because your on your own does not mean  you get to leave a weeks worth of dishes in the sink, a bed unmade, sporting gear piled a mile high at the doorway. If your a busy professional, yes, hire a housekeeper!
6. Make it Yours
As a rule most men shop alone, this is also to your advantage. You make a purchase based on what you want, not what your friends think. I wish I could encourage my female clients to act solo, and not always seeking approval of others. Guys, enjoy your single digs and make them your own.
7. The Sofa
I have watched marital strife over sofa's. Your single, want a sofa you can lie down on, go for it. Just keep in mind that one day when you find the love of your life and you start to meld 2 houses together, she is going to hate your sofa, guaranteed. Sorry, guys I have seen it. So don't spend a fortune on the sofa, unless you plan on being a bachelor for a long time.
8. Work
We work from home, it is what we do. Buy yourself a great desk, something that you will enjoy looking at for years to come. This is the piece I always feel must be an antique. I mean, really, an office depot desk does not impress anyone. Spend some time and find a desk that reflects you. 
9. Walls
I think this is where the guys feel most overwhelmed. To be honest few people know how to hang art mush less purchase it. First, art takes on many forms, a map, old shutters, black and white photo of your dog. We have sold old broken instruments as art. Think outside the box, your male, that should be easy.    
Don't feel the need to fill space. I would rather see a blank wall, than a beer poster, or a fake print from Home Sense.
10. Cook
We all love to eat. Stock the kitchen with cutlery ( matching helps), standard white plates ( Ikea rocks for dishware), 3 good knives ( carving, paring, bread ), pots ( Paderno is good mid-range), and a pepper grinder. Mix-matched mugs, It's one of those things. You can tell a lot about a person from their mug collection. Cook! Cook for yourself, cook for others, cooking is what makes a house a home.
Linda and I are always here to help when comes to design and what works with what, never hesitate to ask.