My New - Old Stove, June Cleaver Would Be Proud

My new/old 1951 Syncrochime Moffat stove in my kitchen
When I was renovating 8 years ago I spent literally hours agonizing over appliances. Stainless steel was and still is all the rage, but it looked so out of place in a farmhand cottage. In the end I choose white. However, I wanted the stove to be a standout piece, easier said then done. Im not on a natural gas line, and placing a propane tank in the yard left me wanting. My dream would be to have an Aga, sadly I settled for Kenmore.
Fast forward 8 years, and I came across the re-conditioned 1951 Moffat. The porcelain was in mint condition, and the chrome makes it look like a Buick parked in my kitchen.
The light on the stove lights up the Moffat trademark, it looks like a classic car at night
The Stove is 40" wide, and features, a warming oven on one side, and regular oven on the other. This extra width meant some serious rearranging in the kitchen. Luckily having an unfitted kitchen made gaining the 10" in width a lot easier. The sink unit was trimmed off by 7" on the wall side, and dishwasher was moved over 3" on the other side.
I love the look of this stove, and more importantly I love cooking at it! I feel it belongs here, and now 8 years latter, the kitchen is complete. It was waiting for just the right stove.