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Mind Your Manners, Yes Mom

I took this photo recently at Wild Fire Bakery. What they really wanted this sign to say was,'Hey you, rude idiot, get off your cell phone!'

I have to say, I've been there, Surroundings is a small store, and just last week a woman came in talking on her cell phone to her divorce lawyer. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in the store heard that phone conversation. Honestly, I do not want to hear about such personal matters, neither did my clients. WHY, would someone please tell me WHY people HAVE to talk so loud on their cell phone??

Follow us on Facebook.......Finally!

We did it! Surroundings has a Facebook page. I know, it's about time. 
When you are looking  on the website you will see a green "f" in the top right hand corner. Tap it and it will take you to our Facebook page.
Finding stock, restoring, selling, and delivery takes up most of my time. Stocking the store with beautiful pieces of furniture and home decor is top priority.

Happy Canada Day! Surroundings Celebrates 20 Years Today!

Time flies when your having fun. It truly does. Today Surroundings celebrates its 20th anniversary. Yes, I opened my doors on July 1st, 1993. It feels like it was just yesterday.

For all my regular and long standing customers, you have watched the store evolve and transform over the years. I have ripped out walls, false ceilings ( to expose our magnificent pressed tin ceiling), repaint too many times to mention, and of course move the cash desk.

Packed and Ready to Go!

I have just finished packing my bags. Tomorrow I board a plan to Amsterdam, and then drive down to Maastricht to attend the European Fine Art and Antique Fair ( TEFAF). The show celebrate its 25th Anniversary this year, and represents the very best in the field.