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My Father and Uncle Jack walking along Wyte Ave. in Edmonton this past summer

My Grandfather, Wallace Baskerville was with the RCAF in WW I, during WW II he worked for Immigration Canada bringing home the war brides. He never told any war stories, it would be years latter, that my father would tell me about Grandpa. Both my parents talk about what it was like to be a child during WW II. 

Having a Ball

John Vickers, Chairman of the Masquerade Ball is flanked by two exceptional costumes

Laura Dreger of Edmonton with the best dressed man in the room

The best dressed couple

Diversity in masks

Shop Dog

Her name is Ida. She came into my life 6 months ago after a visit to the Duncan SPCA. She has become a fixture at Surroundings, and my constant companion. Ida loves children, as you can see above. 

She has eaten the seat belts out of my truck, all my flip flops, the power cord to my mac book, and my stuffed toys ( yes, I own my own stuffed teddies). She will steal the cat food when no one is looking, and has eaten her fair share of home made bread. I still love her to pieces. She is sweet , kind, gentle, and a little brat.

Cool Customers

Not all my customers are this cool. Erv Salvador, owner of the Whip Club in Vancouver, gets ready to drive away from Surroundings. In the side car sits Beau (the big guy) and Jake (the little guy). Jake use to work at Surroundings with his lovely owner, Carey Thiessen. Salvador and Thiessen live in Vancouver, and drop in to see us when they are in town.

In The Dog House

The day this dog house was completed, Flinn, a Shepherd lab cross, ran inside and right back out again. Sadly he never quite took to his new digs. The dog house sits unoccupied in a beautiful country garden. 

The owner was not dismayed by the dogs rejection. She loves how the little structure fits in amongst her wild garden. She designed and built the dog house to reflect the style of the main house and the chicken coop.