Now You See It, Now You Don't

This beautiful Cane back sofa sold the first day on the floor (price $1800). The most difficult part of maintaining the web-site is sometimes the stock sells before I even get a photo. My apologies to all my Vancouver clients, who I know wish they could see more on the site. The reality is, I can give people a sample of the kinds of furniture that you will see in Surroundings, and a price point for future reference.

A lovely 1930's armchair re-upholstered in a linen blend, sold for $1285.

One of the many spectacular chandeliers that came through the store this fall. This one sold for $495.

This is one of the best Canadiana dressers I have had. All the wood knobs are original, as well as the escutcheons ( keyhole covers). The escutcheons are almost always damaged in a piece this old ( circa 1870). The dresser sold for $850.
I know we all lead busy lives, and it is not always easy getting into the store. But, for those who really want something special for their home, making regular visits to the store is required. Remember if you have a  request, we keep a wish list for our customers.