My Father and Uncle Jack walking along Wyte Ave. in Edmonton this past summer

My Grandfather, Wallace Baskerville was with the RCAF in WW I, during WW II he worked for Immigration Canada bringing home the war brides. He never told any war stories, it would be years latter, that my father would tell me about Grandpa. Both my parents talk about what it was like to be a child during WW II. 

This past summer while visiting my Aunt, I took the above photo of my Dad and his brother, my Uncle Jack. They reminded me, as they walked ahead, so much of my Grandfather. It was like looking at two Grandpa Baskerville's walking up the street. I do not have a photo of Grandpa to post, so I felt this photo would suffice.

I'm walking the dog through the woods this morning when I hear a distant siren. I look at the time on my cell phone, it is 11 am November 11th, I stop and close my eyes. I remember.