Saying Good Bye .... A Tribute

My father, Dr. Gordon Baskerville passed away on February 2. Above is my favorite photo of him, looking out to sea at Long Beach.


Twenty odd years ago I called my Dad, who was living in New Brunswick, "Dad, would you guarantee a loan for me?" His reply, " Sure honey."


I had gone to the Royal Bank a few days earlier to enquire about a loan for starting Surroundings,  the bank manager explained the ins and outs of  a small business loan. The bottom line is, there really is no such thing as a "small" business loan, but to her credit she suggested a personal loan and to have a family member guarantee it.


The year is 1997, Surroundings fourth anniversary, and I have chartered a sailboat to take 15 of my closest friends and family out to celebrate. My parents were on board that night, and I proudly told my Dad that I had paid off the loan and he was no longer on the hook, his reply " I never was on the hook honey." He believed in me, he always knew that loan would be paid off, and that the store would be successful.


Fast forward now to 2013,  Im turning off the lights in the store as I get ready to leave for the night. Im looking around, the beautiful chandelier, the furniture waiting for their new homes. I think back over the last 20 years of success, and Im excited over the years ahead, I love what I do.


I reach the front door, turn off the last light, looking back into the store, I say out loud " thanks Dad, thanks for helping me make it all happen."



With much love and gratitude,