The Story of a Sofa and Chair

It all starts here in the city of Brussels. I have just arrived from Maastricht, and my goal is to get Belgian Linen for upholstering.

My cousin James and his wife Justyne take me down a back alley, down some scary stairs, and lone and behold is the mecca of linen! Upholstery grade linen is very hard to find here in Victoria, in fact, the last customer we worked with paid close to $200 a metre for linen. 
Here in Belgian the price is fabulous, approx $75 Canadian, the big difference is the fabric comes 9 feet wide. I bought a bolt. The above photo shows the staff laughing as they attempt to fold it so I could get it into my suitcase. By the way KLM charged me 75 Euros for the overweight suitcase. Worth every penny.
Back home in Victoria, I headed off to the Auction houses to find some frames to re-upholster in the linen. I spotted these in the back room of Lunds, 2 chairs and 2 loveseats, horrible fabric, with great bones. I quickly gutted them down to the frames, removing all foam. The frames were made by the Michigan Frame company, Grand Rapids, 1956.  On the inside they were truly works of art.
Here is a close up of the finished product. I wanted the chairs to look more European. So the upholsterer and I decided the wood should be raw, masculine piping with the traditional upholstery tacks. What appears to be burlap is actual woven Jute (also purchased in Brussels).
We moved back the tack line to give the chair again a more deconstructed look.
The finished product. The chair complete, the seat is feather, the inside is cotton, horse hair, and coco mat. No foam in the chair or love seat. To die for comfy.
The love seat sitting in the front window of the store. The 2 chairs have been sold for $1285 each, one love seat has been sold for $1685. We currently have one love seat left. As you can tell lots of work, love, and passion goes into these creations. 
I think I have enough linen left to do another couple of chairs, so Im off to hunt down 2 more chair frames.