Think Big

This beautiful quarter sawn oak cabinet is big, right? Or is it? measurements are 20" deep and 48" wide, therefore  it takes up about 6.6 square feet. The average coffee table takes up 8 square feet. 
I often refer to large cabinets as casement pieces, and sadly, far too often I here people say "you need a big house for that." You don't. 
Casement pieces are the easiest to place in a home as they take up wall space where no one is walking. Think this through, when you walk through your home, how close are you to the wall? If your like me you are never closer than 2 feet ( and my house is small).
The coffee table, sofa, end tables, etc, they take up floor space, serious floor space, and these items need to be considered carefully. Why is it then that we are so intimidated by casement pieces?
Floor space vs. Wall space
Casement pieces can ground a room,  give a focal point, and make it easier to build around. This wonderful french cabinet was in an entry way in its previous home. The cabinet housed boots and shoes down below, and beautiful objects in the glass front section. At only 16 " deep it took up little floor space, and provided a strong focal point for the home entrance. It takes up a mere 5 square feet of floor, and  30 square feet of wall. 
My kitchen hutch at Rennick Cottage is a great example of building a room around a piece. The kitchen was gutted when I purchased this piece from Surroundings ( yes, I buy from my own store). I had an 8 foot wall section with no interruption ( doors, windows, etc), this area is where you walk through the house, a major traffic area. 
Again, you don't walk closer than 2 feet from the wall, so it made since to put a large casement piece there and utilize the wall space. The kitchen hutch is 21" deep, 6' long and 7' high, floor space is 10.5 square feet, wall space is 42 square feet. 
This piece literally made the kitchen. Fabulous for storage, beautiful to look at, function and beauty.
So before you say those words "my house is too small for that piece" , remember it takes up considerably less space than your coffee table!
Think Big, and utilize all the wall space you can, and save on floor space.