Through The Doorway

Sometimes in life the most beautiful perspective of a room is looking through the doorway. After I move furniture around here at Surroundings, I often go to the doorway to see how it looks from  a clients first glance. We approach rooms through doorways, so why is it we take for granted the value of one of the most important elements in our homes ...... the door.
It starts with the front door, and I must say I have seen my fair share of ugly front doors! Which the above photo is NOT!  Leaded glass panes surround and comprise a majestic face in the glass, this door dates to early 1900's, solid fir.
The vestibule in the house is framed by more leaded glass, repetition, scale, symmetry.... perfection.
The complete view down the hall to the front door. 
I love the 5 storage doors, with matching hardware, the clients sourced at General Salvage. In new construction we would be looking at cheap bi-folds in an area like this. There is no mistaking the above doors are solid wood with classic shaker panels.
This home was gutted last year and completely redesigned by The Meade Group. The homeowners wanted a double entrance. First you come through the front door, a place for coats and hats, then you move to the second entrance ( photo above) doorways lead to kitchen, stairway, and living area.
You turn right and WOW, that is what the homeowners wanted. This house actually has a great ocean and mountain view, but that is your next left turn. I love how they made the home the starting point and not the view. This house has great doorways and each one offers a view that is spectacular.
Doors to cabinets can be a work of art. These doors purchased at Surroundings are pine dating from  Quebec 1820. The cabinet was custom made for the doors by the English Cabinet Maker on Fort Street.
We currently have a set of 3 doors similar vintage from Ontario, which I think would also look great hanging on a custom cabinet.
Who says double doors are only for the front entrance. This is the bathroom door in my favourite place to stay in Brussels, Chambres en Ville. This petite hotel is known for its super cool decor ( it has been written up in every European design mag).  These doors give a sense of grandness to the space, the bathroom is massive, the doors work with the scale.
Here is a beautiful set of double doors from South Africa, circa 1880, for sale at Surroundings. Just think how grand they would be used interior, as opposed to the front door.
Of course, all those fabulous windows we see in Paris, are really french doors. This beautiful building was across the street from the apartment I was renting. 
 As Im writing this today, Im repainting my screen door. On my farmhand cottage the screen door was stained a burnt Siena. Im now painting it white, to go with the windows, and to stand out more. I will post a pic when Im done. Im off to paint another coat.
Keep an eye on those doorways.