A Trip to The ROM

The latest addition to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) by architect Daniel Libeskind

The old and the new meet on the exterior of the ROM

Where the old protrudes into the new.

Looking down into the entrance.

A sliver of the ROM.

My brother Mike and I heading out on a cold Toronto winter night.

I was recently in Toronto to attend the gift show. I finished up business a day early and so I headed to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). I was anxious to see the new addition done by architect Daniel Libeskind, who happens to be a favorite of mine. Word around Toronto was people loved it or hated it. I'm in the love it camp.

I have always loved the juxtaposition of old and new. This is the concept in my own store Surrounding, and is a constant theme in all my design work. I stay away from mainstream design, because quite frankly it is too common, lacks spirit, and does not challenge my mind.

Daniel Libeskind has taken the ROM from being a classic old fuddy duddy to WOW! That is what architecture is all about. Better yet the blend between the old and new on the inside keeps the visitor to the Rom totally engaged. That is the highest accomplishment, when the architecture is part of the experience.

A couple of years ago Libeskind was interviewed by the Globe and Mail, he quoted the following which I keep on a piece of paper at my desk as a reminder of what I want to achieve in design.

" But who wants to be trapped in an anonymous box? Neutrality is not a value.... the world is enriched not by neutrality or indifference, but by passions and beliefs. Why settle for buildings based on a regimented formula that denies human desire?"