Vroom Vroom

It is a 1950's soap box racer. Fun. I found the racer a few months ago in several pieces. It now sits proudly up for sale in the store $885.00. Yes, it has steering, and No, there are no brakes. I love the wheels, they most likely came from an old pram. A lot of love went into making this racer back in its day.

The best part of this little racer is the memories that it is conjuring in all my customers. It seems many of us remember building or own version of the soapbox racer as kids. I remember my siblings building pretty primitive go-carts and then take them flying down our driveway, across the road, and into the neighbors apple orchard. I know, your wondering where were my parents. Alas those were the days when kids ran around freely, unsupervised, learning a great deal.

It did not take long before one little customer asked politely if she could get into the racer. Vroom, vroom, and away she goes.