Welcome to 2013

Every year Surroundings closes its doors between Christmas and New Years. This gives me the opportunity to come in over the holidays, repaint, re-merchandise, and sometimes move the cash desk again! I think this could be the 8th time I moved the cash desk.

For my regular clientele you will notice the store has been painted in Benjamin Moore's Mountain Peak White. The furniture really pops. The antique gray floors also sing with the new white background.

Im always encouraging my younger clientele how great antiques can look in a modern interior. The white walls help everyone visualize this a bit better. Take a look at American Interior Designer Darryl Carter, this is very much his style of decorating. Antiques can look fresh!

Looking through the store, despite the fact there are many different eras and genres of furniture, there is a sense of calm. Surrounding is living proof you can mix styles.

The cash desk in hopefully its  final location. It is a printers bench from late 19th century, made of solid oak. Yes, I have found some smaller versions (ours is 8 feet), if you want to be put on the wish list for  a similar one, drop us a line.
Happy New Year.