When to Re-upholster



By far the most asked question I get in the store, "how do you know a piece is worth re-upholstering?"

As most of you know, we have sold upholstered goods for years. We sell them in both "As Is" condition, and "Custom Upholstered" , the difference in price ....... lots!

The one common denominator in all the upholstered goods we sell is always, and I mean always, a high quality timeless designed frame. I will NEVER sell a piece "AS IS" unless the frame is excellent. Excellent in quality and design. Why I choose not to re-upholster?  Simply the current fabric is in such good condition. 

The below photo of the "Hampton" Wingback chair is a perfect example of a chair that did not require re-upholstering. The fabric was in great shape, very current, and no soiling. We sold these chairs for $400 each, had I re-upholstered them, $2000 each. At first glance you would say, it is never worth re-upholstering, however, what if the fabric was awful, and believe me we have seen some bad fabric. Take a look at the lines of this chair, this is a great wing back. What you can't see is the frame, and this is when 20 years of selling furniture really helps. I know the springs are coil sprung from touching the underseat, the frame is solid maple, and hand carved front feet. Had the fabric been awful, YES, I would have re-upholstered this chair in a heartbeat. Yes, it is worth $2000, because it is essentially a new chair.


It is very difficult for the untrained eye to know when re-upolstering is appropriate. So first off, consult a professional upholsterer. They will tell you hands down wether the frame warrants the expense. Go look at high end upholstered goods, take a trip into Jordans Furniture. Yes re-upholstering is often the same price as new, but what you get back is new, and it is CUSTOM, one of a kind, it is yours. Take a close look at the exquisite detailing we did on these wingbacks for the IDS West Show in 2013. No one will ever own another one like it!





 The decision to re-upholster starts with, you must love the piece, and secondly, the frame must well made and a timeless design, then go for it! The quality of brand new furniture today is not what it was. They don't make them like they use to. So think it through, before you discard that old chair or sofa.


Love Where You Live,